Yixing purple clay teapotYixing purple clay teapot

Yixing purple clay teapot brown small Handuo YZT03


Han Duo, literally means-Duo of the Han Dynasty. The interpretation of Duo in Shuo Wen is: Duo, big bell also.

Today, I see the Duo shape of Yixing purple clay teapot, which was crafted by craftsmen to make it into a pot. Hope that the sword will be cast for the plough to make Yixing, and also make the world die forever. And then expressed the poet’s noble feelings and elegant interest.

The author Zheng Xiaofang, a young ceramic artist, was born in capital of pottery, Yixing. In 2014, she was judged as a craft artist and National Craft Artist. She has a high cultural taste and is widely praised by colleagues in the purple sand industry.

The small Han Duo is a reduced version of the Yixing purple clay teapot with a capacity of 220ML.

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Yixing purple clay teapot

Weight 600 g


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