Yixing clay teapotYixing clay teapotYixing clay teapot

Yixing clay teapot hand made brown Handuo YZT01


The original ore purple mud is selected. The original ore sand mud is pure in texture, uniform in sand and pleasant in color. Green mud is warm and delicate, like neighbor girl.

Yixing clay teapot has more than thousands of shapes today, and its design inspiration comes from real life.

The Yixing clay teapot is like a bell, with a flat line on the top of the cover column button, a straight mouth, a flat earring, and a simple shaped tube.

The author Zheng Xiaofang, a young ceramic artist, was born in capital of pottery, Yixing. In 2014, she was judged as a craft artist and National Craft Artist. She has a high cultural taste and is widely praised by colleagues in the clay teapot industry.

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Yixing clay teapot

Yixing clay teapot

Weight 1500 g


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