xishi potteryxishi potteryxishi pottery

Qinzhou Nixing hand made Xishi pottery QP04


Qinzhou Nixing Xishi Pottery, referred to as Nixing Pottery, uses the purple-red pottery clay unique to both east and west sides of the Qinjiang River in Qinzhou City, Guangxi as the raw material. The east mud is closed and stored. After the west mud is retrieved, it is broken up by more than four to six months of sunshine and rain. Dissolve and oxidize to reach the weathered state, and then through the crushed soil, mixed in the ratio of 4: 6 to make pottery blanks. The east mud is soft and the meat is hard, and the west mud is hard and bone.

The Xi character of Xi Shi is taken from Xi mud Nixing Tao , and Xi Shi is the head of the four most beautiful women in ancient China. This naming Xishi Pottery heralds the status of Nixing pottery teapot in Chinese traditional pottery art!

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xishi pottery

xishi pottery

xishi pottery

Weight 300 g


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