2020 new tea XinYang MaoJian green tea 250g XYMJ


Xinyang Maojian is one of most famous green tea in China. Now you are lucky to taste it.

It selects every tender buds. And the tea were rubbed by hand without machine. All these make sure the pure aroma of it.

The quality of this tea is good, the packaging is intact. It is also very clean, the taste is good. It is fresh, there is no odor. It is clean and clear, the color is also very good, and the price is indeed not high, it is very affordable.

• Production license number: SC11434020805122
• Product standard number: GB/T14456.3
• Storage method: refrigerate and keep fresh
• Shelf life: 365 days
• Food additives: none
• Brand: Bee Angel
• Series: Maojian Green Tea
• City: Xinyang City
• Picking time: Mingqian
• Taste: Sweet and refreshing
• Type of tea: Xinyang Maojian
• Growing season: spring
• Net weight per piece: 250g


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Weight 250 g


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