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Dahongpao Rode tea Wuyi star rock 400g DHPA


For a good cup of Wuyi star tea, 99 standards are implemented. This included 33 field management, 21 tea-making procedures, 13 sensory reviews and 32 quality inspections. This Dahongpao is produced by the famous Chinese brand Wuyi star.

• Production license number: SC11435078201944
• Product standard number: GB/T18745-2006
• Ingredients: Wuyi Rock Tea
• Storage method: suitable for a clean, ventilated, dark, and odorless environment
• Shelf life: 1825 days
• Food additives: no food additives
• Brand: Wuyi Star
• Series: First class Dahongpao 50g package
• City: Wuyishan City
• Taste: Fresh, mellow and refreshing
• Type of tea: Dahongpao
• Level: Level 1
• Growing season: spring
• Net content: 400g
• Packing specification: 8 cans
• Net weight per piece: 50g/can
• Brewing water temperature: 100° boiling water
• Picking raw materials: one bud and many leaves
• Applicable tea set: cover bowl
• Tea to water ratio: 1:22
• First brewing time: 5-6 seconds


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wuyi star wuyi star wuyi star wuyi star

Weight 400 g
Dimensions 35 × 10 × 40 in


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