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Travel package matcha Pu-erh MMP03


Tiansly Deepure Bio-tea Valley is located at No. 1 Deepure Avenue, Pu-erh City, Yunnan Province. This pure landscape forest forms a natural green oxygen bar. Here, based on Yunnan’s high-altitude large-leaf Pu-erh tea as the resource base, the pharmaceutical-grade whole industry chain production standard and intelligent industrial means are used to create the “depth pure, highly healthy, extremely convenient” Deepure series tea drinks.

Tiansly Deepure Ecological Tea Valley is also a museum of Chinese tea culture. Tea culture inheritance, technological innovation, and architectural art have achieved a perfect combination here.

Deepuer is a high-quality large-leaf Puerh tea from Puerh City, Yunnan Province. It is made up of nano-scale high-grade Puerh tea essence drink through ecological planting and biotechnology. The nutrient content is better than ordinary Puer. And easy to absorb!

  • Ingredients: Yunnan Big Leaf Puerh Tea
  • Shelf life: 1825 days
  • Brand: Deepure
  • Series: glycol 100 bag version
  • Net content: 50g

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Travel package matcha Travel package matcha Travel package matcha Travel package matcha

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