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6 famous Mountains Hua Taoism Pu-erh tea 201609

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3 years 6 famous Mountains Hua Taoism pu-erh tea

  • Ingredients: Yunnan big leaf variety sunning tea
  • Shelf life: 999,999 days
  • Brand: Bajiao Tea
  • Series: 2016 Huashan taoism Series
  • Pu-erh tea vintage: less than 1 year
  • Tea area: Menghai Tea Aera
  • Special product category: Pu-erh tea
  • Shape: Pie Tea
  • Net content: 357g

Dongyue Tai mountain is majestic, Xiyue Hua mountain is dangerous, Nanyue Heng mountain is elegant, Beiyue Heng mountain is quiet, Zhong yue Song mountain is the peak of the mountains, is famous in the world.


Wuyue is the general name for China’s five famous mountains. They are centered on China’s Central Plains and belong to five mountains in the east, west, south and north. From ancient times to now, their fame is very high. They have the saying that “the Five Sacred Mountains return without looking at other mountains” and are also the holy places of Chinese Taoism!


Bulang Mountain, Bada Mountain, Nanzhao Mountain, MengSong Mountain and Jingmai Mountain are the five major tea mountains in the Yunnan tea area. They are known as the holy mountains of the world.


In 2016, Menghai Bajiao Tea Co., Ltd. launched the “Huashan Taoism” product in Yunnan Province, the Tea Distribution Association of Huashan, National Key Scenic Area Management Committee, Huayin Huashan Taoist Association, Huashan Xiyue Temple, Xi’an Diming Villa, etc. With strong support, in order to promote the two cultures of tea culture and Taoism culture, China’s broad and profound cultural integration and symbiosis, as well as “promoting the cloud tea culture, expanding the influence of cloud tea, accelerating the consumption of cloud tea, serving human health, and promoting the development of cloud tea” purpose.

Menghai Bajiao Tea Co., Ltd. has launched the “Huashan Taoism” product, and we would like to invite the world’s knowledgeable people to taste together.

【Ingredients】Select the natural green leaf carefully made by traditional tea making technology, including Yunnan Bulang Mountain, Bada Mountain, Nanzhang Mountain, MengSong Mountain and Jingmai Mountain.

[Storage method] It is suitable for long-term storage under ventilated, dry and odor-free environment.

1. Each 1 whole package contains Huashan Taoism • Bulang, Huashan Taoism • Bada, Huashan Taoism • Nannuo, Huashan Taoism • Mengsong, Huashan Taoism • Jingmai each one cake, one mountain and one taste, one mention Wushan It highlights the five major tea mountain styles of Bulang Mountain, Bada Mountain, Nanzhao Mountain, Mengsong Mountain and Jingmai Mountain in Yunnan Tea zone.

2. The five major tea mountains and Huashan scenic spots (Chinese painting form), Taoist culture tacit understanding, cultural and artistic conception is extraordinary.

3. The seal of “Huashan Tea Circulation Association, Huayin Huashan Taoist Association, Yunnan Nongken Group Menghai Bajiao Tea Co., Ltd.” is authorized on the package of Huashan Taoism series, which has unique collection significance.

Quality characteristics of the five major tea mountains:

Bulang Mountain Pu-erh Tea: The leaf is soft and tender, the leaf bottom is elastic, the soup is orange and bright, the taste is strong, the returning back is sweet and strong, and the aroma is unique. It is the favorite collection of many Chinese and foreign merchants and Pu-erh tea lovers.

Bada Mountain Pu-erh Tea: It has a thick taste and a special aroma in the back of the upper jaw. The tea soup is full of mouthpieces, bitter and long, slightly sputum, and slightly convergent. After the third bubble, it gradually becomes smooth, and the tongue surface converges. There is a feeling of coolness.

Nannuo Mountain Pu-erh Tea: It belongs to the arborous large leaf species, slightly bitter, and sweet, good for life, and the soup is orange and translucent. It is full of honey and orchid, and the early spring tea is light and fragrant.

MengSong mountain Pu-erh Tea: The soup is orange and translucent, and the sputum is tighter. Therefore, the bitter taste of the entrance is slightly heavier, but it is very fast to return, the aroma is high and firm, the taste is full and rich, and the back is strong and lasting.

Jingmai mountain Pu-erh Tea: The tea soup is bright and orange, the sweetness is obvious and lasting,
the aroma is prominent, the mountain smell is strong, the bottom of the cup is strong and lasting, and it
can still be smelled after more than ten bubbles.

 Buy 1 cake hill and send it randomly.

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Taoism Pu-erh Taoism Pu-erh Taoism Pu-erh Taoism Pu-erh

Weight 357 g

3 reviews for 6 famous Mountains Hua Taoism Pu-erh tea 201609

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