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Dahongpao Rode tea yellow cigar rock 180g DHPB


The National first batch of intangible cultural heritage: Wuyishan rock Rode tea production process. From picking fresh leaves to making tea, this is the creation of the earth after the emotional exchange between heaven and earth. All-round quality inspection, the whole process can be traced.  It has been guarded the lifeline of each product, and control 32 quality inspections.

  • Production license number: SC11435078201944
    • Product standard number: GB/T18745-2006
    • Ingredients: Wuyi Rock Rode Tea
    • Storage method: suitable for storage in a clean, ventilated, dark, low temperature, and odor-free environment
    • Shelf life: 1095 days
    • Food additives: no food additives
    • Product name: Wuyixing Dahongpao Rode tea 180g
    • Brand: Wuyi Star
    • City: Wuyishan City
    • Taste: Mellow and sweet
    • Type of tea: Rode tea
    • Level: Premium
    • Net content: 180g
    • Net weight per piece: 180g (18g*10 boxes)
    • Brewing water temperature: 100° boiling water
    • Picking raw materials: one bud and many leaves
    • Applicable tea set: cover bowl
    • First brewing time: 5-6 seconds

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rode tea rode tea rode tea rode tea rode tea

Weight 180 g
Dimensions 60 × 10 × 6 in


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