Qinzhou Nixing potteryQinzhou Nixing potteryQinzhou Nixing pottery

Qinzhou Nixing pottery hand made Mulan QP01


Art is the crystallization of human wisdom. There are many types of art and many schools. Music, painting, dance, sculpture, photography, literature, etc. Each art contains many contents, among which “pottery” is the art of water, earth and fire. The necessary production process of Qinzhou Nixing pottery-drawing billet. This is the basic skill of the potter. “The hand moves with the mud, and the mud changes with the hand.”

Author Zhou Yujiao, from Linchuan, Jiangxi. Born in a pottery family, he has been engaged in pottery production for more than ten years. The Qinzhou Nixing pottery are exquisite, with distinctive features and their own style. From 2015 to 2019, each year won the domestic ceramic art award. Therefore, it is not an exaggeration to call it Master Qinzhou Nixing Pottery.

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Qinzhou Nixing pottery

Qinzhou Nixing pottery

Weight 1000 g


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