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Bulang qizi 7590 Pu-erh cooked tea 201843


Liming Tea Factory, the predecessor of the Bajiao Ting, launched the 7590 Pu-erh cooked tea in response to the needs of the market. It once became a ration tea with high cost performance in the market. This historic pioneering experience has made tea enthusiasts who like to drink cooked tea more able to appreciate the mellow taste and Sweet. As time goes by, the extension of time has transformed this 7590 from a conventional product into a classic Pu-erh cooked tea favored by the public.
7590 is a classic Pu-erh cooked tea in the Bajiao Ting tea industry. It is carefully blended with large-leaf tea from Menghai Lake and is also a famous tea in the Pu-erh tea industry. With anticipation, will the 7590 in 2018 be as evocative as ever?

After unpacking, the shape of the cake is even and straight; the edges are neat, and there are no edges and corners. The thickness is consistent, and the elasticity is moderate; the oil is smooth, the lines are clear, and the cake surface is refreshing. The color is tan, the bud head is golden. A closer look, the aroma of dry tea and the scent of cooked tea are fragrant, making people happy.

The biggest feature of this tea is that the aroma of the tea soup is pure and exquisite and lasting, and the sweetness of the tea soup gradually increases; its disadvantages are that the aging time is too short, the astringency is not removed, and the dryness of the new tea still has residue, but it has little effect on the overall taste. I believe that after the baptism of time, tea soup will be more comfortable and delicious.

Name: Bajiaoting 7590 Pu-erh Cooked Tea

Production: Bajiaoting Tea Industry Co., Ltd.

Net content: 357 g


pu-erh cooked tea

pu-erh cooked tea

pu-erh cooked tea

pu-erh cooked tea

pu-erh cooked tea


Weight 357 g


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