Natural puerh cupsNatural puerh cupsNatural puerh cups

Qinzhou aroma absorbing Natural puerh cups GW02


Qinzhou Pottery is a national intangible cultural heritage and a product protected by national geographical indications. The mud is made of pottery clay unique to the east and west banks of the Qinjiang River. They are Natural puerh cups. They are also green and environmentally friendly and is rich in iron, zinc, calcium and other healthy elements.

East mud is soft and flesh is hard, west mud is hard and bone is mixed, according to soft six hard and four mixed, bone and meat can support each other as top grade. Because it is buried deep in the mountainous stratum, the natural clean mud is fine and delicate, and it is green and environmentally friendly.

The author Zhou Yujiao was born into a pottery family and is a master of ceramic art in Qinzhou. He has been engaged in pottery production for more than ten years. He studied pottery in Jingdezhen, Yixing, Jiangxi, and finally went to Qinzhou, where he specialized in the production of teapots and Natural puerh cups in Nixing. His works are exquisite, the characteristics are obvious, and his style is his own. From 2015 to 2019, every year has won gold awards in major domestic awards.

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Natural puerh cups Natural puerh cups

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