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Xiaoqiankun mixed raw Pu-erh tea 201833


Xiaoqiankun big trees and ancient trees mixed raw Pu-erh tea.

This tea materials are selected from the big arbor tea tree in the Bulang mountain in Menghai tea area. The large arbor tea tree leaf is mainly used for this tea and some old tree teas are put together. Mini cakes are easy to carry around and drink at any time.

The first cup: Simply pour the hot water into the tea pitcher, yixing pot, and tea cups. Swirl and discard the water.

  • Ingredients: Yunnan big leaf variety sunning tea
  • Shelf life: 999,999 days
  • Packing type: Canned
  • Pu-erh production process: raw tea
  • Pu-erh tea vintage: less than 1 year
  • Tea area: Menghai Tea Area
  • Shape: Pie Tea
  • Brand: Bajiao Ting Tea
  • Series: 2018 Xiao Qiankun
  • Net content: 200g

The second 2-3 cup: soak for 7 seconds, the soup, the honey fragrance clear, the cold cup fragrance is better than the warm cup fragrance. The fragrance will slowly go into your heart.

The 4-8 cups: Soak for 9 seconds, the soup, the tea is sublimated, calm and full, sweet in the tongue, back to the throat, varied and balanced.

After the 9th cup, soak for 15 seconds, the soup, the sweet taste of the soup, soft and delicate, sweet and refreshing, honey is exist.

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mixed raw Pu-erh mixed raw Pu-erh mixed raw Pu-erh mixed raw Pu-erh

Weight 200 g


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