2020 Mingqian Biluochun green tea Grade AAA 125g BAB01


Mingqian tea leaves are picked before Qingming festival. It selects tender buds only which assure the pure taste of the green tea. The tea is curled similar with snail, so it is called Biluochun(green, snail, spring).The dry tea is green and attractive. The white needle is obvious. The tea soup is green and transparent with high aroma. There is aftertaste.

Bee Angel Green Tea is affiliated to Wuhu Koukouxiang factory. and Bee Angel Tea is responsible for the historical mission of revitalizing Hui Tea. In the traditional business model, after tea is picked by tea farmers, it also needs to go through a series of middlemen, such as vendors, tea companies, agents, and supermarkets, before it finally reaches customers. Therefore, the tea on the market is generally more expensive for ordinary people. The price and market chaos keep many people out of healthy tea life.

  • Production license number: SC11434020805122
    • Product standard number: GB/T14456.1
    • Storage method: refrigerate and keep fresh
    • Shelf life: 365 days
    • Food additives: none
    • Brand: Bee Angel
    • Series: Biluochun
    • Shape: Needle shape
    • Origin: Mainland China
    • Picking time: Mingqian
    • Taste: Thick and mellow
    • Type of tea: Dongting Biluochun
    • Growing season: spring
    • Net content: 125g
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Weight 125 g


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