loose leaf rockloose leaf rockloose leaf rockloose leaf rockloose leaf rock

Dahongpao Rode tea loose leaf rock 105g DHPD


Selected from more than 1,500 acres of self-owned tea gardens, the quality of loose leaf rock tea is controlled from the source. The fragrance of tea from the earth, Wuyi Star keeps every detail for you. This loose leaf rock tea stick is tight and strong, with a strong dry tea aroma. The tea soup is mellow and refreshing, the taste is strong, the back is sweet and the rock rhyme is obvious. The bottom of the leaf is bright, with obvious red edges or cinnabar color.

  • Production license number: SC11435078201944
    • Product standard number: GB/T18745-2006
    • Ingredients: Wuyi loose leaf rock tea
    • Storage method: suitable for storage in a clean, ventilated, dark, and odor-free environment
    • Shelf life: 1095 days
    • Food additives: no food additives
    • Product name: Wuyixing star Dahongpao
    • Brand: Wuyi Star
    • City: Wuyishan City
    • Taste: Fresh and mellow
    • Level: Level 1
    • Growing season: spring
    • Net content: 105g
    • Net weight per piece: 105g (7g*15 bags)
    • Brewing water temperature: 100°C boiling water
    • Picking raw materials: one bud and many leaves
    • Applicable tea set: cover bowl
    • Tea to water ratio: 1:22
    • First brewing time: 5-6 seconds


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loose leaf rock loose leaf rock loose leaf rock loose leaf rock

Weight 105 g
Dimensions 18 × 10 × 6 in


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