Lapsang souchongLapsang souchongLapsang souchongLapsang souchongLapsang souchong

Lapsang souchong non-smoke black tea 50g ZSXZB


New Lapsang souchong black tea is coming to the market, and buyers have feedback after experiencing a problem!
The loose leaf black tea leaves are small and broken! (So many relatives are very angry)
Here is an explanation with tea friends.
You can try the taste of tea to see if it is like or not!
A lot of pros come to give feedback and the evaluation is great after drinking it!
Because we have cut the strips of this small species, it looks really small.
I am not an outward party, I am a powerful faction!

• Production license number: SC11435078201944
• Ingredients list: Wuyi Lapsang souchong black tea
• Storage method: suitable for a clean, ventilated, dark, and odorless environment
• Shelf life: 1095 days
• Food additives: none
• Brand: Wuyi Star
• Series: Wuyi Lapsang souchong Black Tea 50g
• City: Wuyishan City
• Tea type: Lapsang Souchong
• Net content: 50g

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Lapsang souchong Lapsang souchong Lapsang souchong Lapsang souchong

Weight 50 g
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 in


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