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Junzi(Gentleman) Naka bamboo raw tea 201711


2 years Junzi(Gentleman) Naka bamboo shaped raw pu-erh tea.

It is from Ecological origin, and has strong flavor. The tea materials were selected from Naka mountain where has 100 years old tea tree.  The altitude of the mountain is 1600 meters above sea level. The fragrant of this bamboo leaves is different than others bamboo because of the environment of the mountain. The procedures of making this tea is traditional. The tea soup is light green and yellow, the entrance tea tastes bright, and the weak fragrance first spreads quickly and fills the entire mouth. The second cup is deeper and the sweetness is obviously smooth.

Fresh and strong leaves are used for this raw Pu-erh rolling tea.

It has fresh and strong aroma. That will give you more freshness.

The tea leaves of this cake are from Menghai tea area and Chinese organic standard.

  • Ingredients: Yunnan big leaf variety sunning tea
  • Shelf life: 999,999 days
  • Brand: Bajiao Ting Tea
  • Pu-erh production process: raw tea
  • Shape: Bamboo Shape/ rolling
  • Pu-erh Tea Year: 1 year (inclusive) – 3 years (excluding)
  • Tea area: Menghai Tea area
  • Net content: 400g


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Junzi Junzi Junzi

Weight 400 g


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