Deepure instant mellow matcha Pu-erh Deepure instant mellow matcha Pu-erh Deepure instant mellow matcha Pu-erh MMP02 1Deepure instant mellow matcha Pu-erh MMP02 2Deepure instant mellow matcha Pu-erh MMP02 3

Deepure instant mellow matcha Pu-erh MMP02


Deepure is an important strategic brand in the health and wellness industry in the blueprint for the development of the Tiansly Holding Group. In Pu-erh, Yunnan, Tasly has built the world’s largest scientific research base and manufacturing base for Pu-erh tea fermentation technology, injecting biotechnology into it. The second development of traditional Pu-erh tea has launched a brand new category in the field of beverages – Deepure Tea, which is a truly healthy, safe and convenient fashion tea. Through effective extraction and separation, Deepure has scientifically retained and enriched the beneficial components such as tea polysaccharide, tea brown pigment and tea polyphenol in Pu-erh tea. Its excellent efficacy has been certified by many authoritative institutions in the European Union, South Korea and Japan. . After being listed in China, Deepure quickly became the leading brand of China’s instant pure tea category. With this pride and confidence, Tiansly brought four flavors of Tetravia tea to Europe, including fragrant, sweet, chrysanthemum Pu-erh tea. And black tea, while adapting to the European consumer habits to develop capsule Pu-erh tea products, will inject a fresh vitality into European tea drinking habits and tea culture, bringing new health choices for Europeans.

The tea is delivered from our original factory, based on the Puerh tea with traditional fermentation process, not only reduces the artificial exposure to tea in the production process, but also keep a stable fermentation environment and health protection are obtained to the body, and the product is sweet and unique. Deepure healthy tea, for the body to relieve, and health to increase!

  • Ingredients: Yunnan Big Leaf Puerh Tea
  • Shelf life: 1825 days
  • Food Additives: None
  • Brand: Deepure
  • Series: 12 Glycols
  • Net content: 40g

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instant mellow matcha instant mellow matcha instant mellow matcha instant mellow matcha

Weight 20 g


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