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Jin Junmei honey fragrance black tea 400g JJMB


In the 1980s, the Wuyi mountain honey fragrance Tea Science Research Institute successfully cultivated and produced the finished Dahongpao through female parent asexual reproduction. Wuyi trademark registration was one of the first registered trademarks of Wuyi tea. In 1985, the packaging Dahongpao entered the market. Therefore, Wuyi brand has become a long-term hot-selling designated product.

In 2003, Wuyi star Tea purchased Wuyi Brand and changed its name to Wuyi star Brand.

This honey fragrance tea stick is delicate and beautiful, and it is black and gold. The color is black and gold, with good standard tea characteristics. The tea soup is bright orange, like honey color. The taste is fresh and rich, with a long aftertaste.

  • Production license number: SC11435078201944
    • Product standard number: Q/WYXT0003S
    • Ingredients list: Wuyi honey fragrance black tea
    • Storage method: suitable for storage in a clean, ventilated, dark, and odor-free environment
    • Shelf life: 1095 days
    • Food additives: none
    • Brand: Wuyi Star
    • Series: WeiMiao Jin Junmei set of 4 packs
    • City: Wuyishan City
    • Packing type: boxed
    • Tea type: Jin Junmei
    • Level: Level 1
    • Growing season: spring
    • Net content: 400g
    • Net weight per piece: 400g (100g*4 boxes)
    • Brewing water temperature: 85 degrees
    • Picking raw materials: more than 90% tea buds
    • Applicable tea set: cover bowl, purple clay pot
    • Tea to water ratio: 1:50
    • Tea fragrance: flower and fruit fragrance
    • First brewing time: 5-6 seconds


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honey fragrance honey fragrance honey fragrance honey fragrance

Weight 400 g
Dimensions 20 × 15 × 15 in


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