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2020 Mingqian Biluochun green tea Grade AA 125g BAB02


Bee Angel green tea early spring new tea is coming. At the same price of Biluochun, we have big advantages. The shape is fat and tight. It was picked in Spring. The smell is of high aroma. The soup color is yellow and bright. The leaf bottom is yellow green and bright.

Why is Biluochun tea so fragrant? It is because the tea trees are growing with fruit trees. So the tea leaves just absorb the fragrance of flowers and fruits. Then it comes the special aroma of Biluochun.

  • Production license number: SC11434020805122
    • Product standard number: GB/T14456.3
    • Ingredients list: fresh tea leaves
    • Storage method: refrigerate under 26 degrees
    • Shelf life: 365 days
    • Food additives: none
    • Brand: Bee Angel
    • Series: Biluochun New Tea
    • Origin: Mainland China
    • Picking time: Mingqian
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green tea green tea green tea green tea green tea

Weight 125 g


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