generous potterygenerous potterygenerous potterygenerous pottery

Qinzhou Nixing hand made Generous pottery QP03


Generous pottery means to be rewarded only by giving. If you want to be willing, you must give up, that is, willing to give, and not be spared.

There is something you can afford, but you can’t bear it. Generous pottery is a kind of wisdom and attitude in life, and it is to have feelings and wisdom that transcends the realm to make decisions on what has been and what is available. It is also a common appreciation of elegance and vulgarity, which inspires the “life Zen” of the mind.

Excellent work of the author Zhou Yujiao! The capacity of this Generous pottery is about 300ML, the length of the pot is 13CM, the bottom of the pot is 6CM, and the height of the pot is 8.5CM. The large capacity and fast water flow make it an essential choice for home and office daily using.

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generous pottery

generous pottery

generous pottery

Weight 600 g


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