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Sincere Yiwu exquisite Pu-erh tea 201621


3 years Sincere Yiwu exquisite package pu-erh tea.

The same selection of big pie that won the gold medal of the National Famous Tea Quality Competition Committee in the China (Guangzhou) International Tea Industry Expo in 2016.The materials of this cake is same as the gold medal big cake.

The tea cake is pressed by the non-porous iron mold process, and the pie shape is round and tough, smooth and firm, which is beneficial for long-term storage and conversion. Its raw materials are selected from the Yiwu ecological arbor, early spring sun-green tea, tea cake color brown, with bud head.

Sincere Yiwu is a new tea produced by Yiwu in 2017. It has a high aroma, honey, tea and honey, and the entrance is mellow and smooth. This tea not only tastes good, but also is very resistant to foaming. It can soak more than ten bubbles. The packaging is hard, the tea cake is hard, but this does not affect the fragrance of Yiwu tea, and does not affect the atmosphere and warm temperament of the tea itself.

  • Ingredients: Yunnan big leaf variety sunning tea
  • Shelf life: 99,999 days
  • Food Additives: None
  • Brand: Bajiao Ting Tea
  • Series: 2016 Sincere Yiwu boutique
  • Pu-erh production process: raw tea
  • Shape: Brick Tea
  • Pu-erh tea vintage: 3 years (inclusive) – 5 years (excluding)
  • Tea area: Yiwu tea area
  • Net content: 160g

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exquisite Pu-erh exquisite Pu-erh exquisite Pu-erh

Weight 160 g


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