Dahongpao Rode tea fragrant rock 100g DHPC


Zheng Ruping, the winner of Chinese Dahongpao tea master (oolong), personally controls the quality. A cup of tea is more than 13 sensory reviews by professional approvers. Please appreciate our sincere work, the rock charm brought by the original place of Wuyi Mountain, and the fire scent brought by traditional crafts, which are derived from the natural fragrance like nectar.

  • Production license number: SC11435078201944
    • Product standard number: GB/T18745-2006
    • Ingredients: Wuyi Dahongpao Tea
    • Storage method: suitable for storage in a clean, ventilated, dark, and odor-free environment
    • Shelf life: 1095 days
    • Food additives: no food additives
    • Product name: Wuyi Star Dahongpao Class I 100g
    • Brand: Wuyi Star
    • City: Wuyishan City
    • Taste: Fresh and mellow
    • Type of tea: Dahongpao fragrant rock
    • Level: Level 1
    • Net content: 100g
    • Brewing water temperature: 100° boiling water
    • Picking raw materials: one bud and many leaves
    • Applicable tea set: cover bowl
    • Tea to water ratio: 1:22
    • First brewing time: 5-6 seconds


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dahongpao dahongpao dahongpaodahongpao

Weight 100 g
Dimensions 15 × 10 × 3 in


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