Chrysanthemum cooked Pu-erh matchaChrysanthemum cooked Pu-erh matchaChrysanthemum cooked Pu-erh matcha FMP08 1Chrysanthemum cooked Pu-erh matcha FMP08 2

Chrysanthemum cooked Pu-erh matcha FMP08


There are also many health-care products in the Deepure tea drink. Fresh milk Deepure has the effect of calming the stomach and warming the stomach. It is especially suitable for drinking in the evening 30 minutes before going to bed. The emperor has the effect of nourishing the kidney and nourishing the sperm, nourishing the liver and improving the eyesight, softening the blood vessels and strengthening the bone. Middle-aged and elderly people may drink with warm and nourishment.

Chrysanthemum deepure matcha are good for eyesight and detoxification. Suitable for students, white-collar workers, cultural workers, etc., who need to improve metabolic balance, use computers for a long time, and use frequent eyes. Concentrated ginseng can supplement lungs and reduce fire, releasing thirst. Those who are antipyretic are suitable for those who need to improve their sub-health status and tonify their yin.

Using Chrysanthemum and Puerh cooked tea as raw materials, the soup is red and clear, sweet and refreshing. The matcha can ensure that all health indicators meet or even exceed national standards. The store is directly operated by the manufacturer, with quality assurance, hot drinks in the tea and winter, cold drinks in the summer, cold water and hot water both can be brewed.

  • Ingredients: Yunnan Big Leaf Puerh Tea, Chrysanthemum, Licorice
  • Food additives: none
  • Special product category: Puerh tea
  • Brand: Deepure
  • Series: Cooked Puerh Chrysanthemum Carton Edition
  • Net content: 25g
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cooked Pu-erh matcha cooked Pu-erh matcha cooked Pu-erh matcha

Weight 25 g


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