Cooked powder bottle Pu-erh tea Cooked powder bottle Pu-erh tea Cooked powder bottle Pu-erh tea NMP14 1Cooked powder bottle Pu-erh tea NMP14 2

Cooked powder bottle Pu-erh tea NMP14


According to reports, the product line planning of the company is the synchronization of food and health care products, bringing health to consumers, which is divided into several sections: First, instant tea taken as food, which is currently being promoted; Second, the health product declaration is being carried out as the future force point; the third is the tea bar experience store’s drinking, refreshment and other products; the fourth is the tea-containing health products, such as tea capsules, oral liquid, lozenges, etc.; Modern mechanized cleansing of traditional tea.

In the development of innovative products, we pay attention to the natural resources and do not use any additives. For example, tea is made from tea leaves and purified water for deep extraction.


This tea has a net content of 25 grams, which can take 2-3 grams each time. The packaging is small, but the tea inside is full of essence. The modern processing technology is deep and concentrated, and a kilo of dry tea can be used to prepare dozens of grams of tea powder, and the powder condense the essence of the tea.

  • Packing type: Canned
  • Shelf life: 1825 days
  • Brand: Deepure
  • Series: cooked tea scent
  • Net content: 25g

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Cooked powder bottle Cooked powder bottle Cooked powder bottle

Weight 25 g


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