colorful peacock cookedcolorful peacock cookedColorful peacock cooked Bulang Pu-erh tea 200903 1Colorful peacock cooked Bulang Pu-erh tea 200903 2Colorful peacock cooked Bulang Pu-erh tea 200903 3

Colorful peacock cooked Bulang Pu-erh tea 200903


The “Bajiao Ting” brand was rated as “Top Ten Famous Brands of Yunnan Pu-erh Tea”. This tea Colorful Peacock cooked product continued the 100-year formula of Liming Tea Factory and was the first masterpiece of Liming Tea Factory in 2006. The raw materials are selected from the 2009 Bulang Mountain Early Spring Arbor Tea. Special craft secret recipe fermentation, processed in 2009 by traditional craft.

Open the package, the dry tea leaven aroma, alcohol and instant immersion in the heart and spleen, the shape of the cord is strong and firm. The cake shape is neat, the cord is uniform. The material is uniform, the cake surface is oily, and the gloss is high. The golden buds are dense, the cord is thick, the tea cake is moderately tight, the thickness is uniform, the appearance is oily, the shape is round, and the tea is clean and hygienic.

The Colorful Peacock cooked tea soup has a smooth entrance, a mellow taste, and is intriguing. The soup color is red and transparent, and camphor is thick, with a mellow, smooth, sweet, full mouth. The soup has a high consistency, a smooth mouth, and a mellow taste. The tea soup shows Phnom Penh, which is the best drink.

Name: Bajiao Ting 2009 Bulang Early Spring Colorful Peacock cooked

Packing form: regular cotton paper packaging.

Pu-erh production process: cooked tea.

Weight (g): 357.

Ingredients list: Yunnan big leaf tea.

Storage method: Long-term dry storage in a ventilated, cool, dry, odor-free environment.

Plant name: Liming tea factory

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colorful peacock cooked

colorful peacock cooked

colorful peacock cooked

colorful peacock cooked



Weight 357 g


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