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Ceramic Gaiwan tea cup with 8 different pictures GW06


High-temperature firing white porcelain lid bowl series. Ceramic Gaiwan tea cup can be said to be the most versatile tea making weapon. With the bowl in hand, any tea can be brewed. You can clearly distinguish the tea quality and taste of tea with a bowl. The bowl is large and small, and it does not slide randomly when drinking tea. The special design makes it very stable when serving tea and is not easy to burn.

This ceramic Gaiwan tea cup is divided into eight colors, from left to right, from top to bottom, they are: 1. Pure white. 2. Two people drinking, tea sage. 3. Chinese characters, Tang poetry. 4. Landscape. 5. Lotus Pond. 6. Golden Dragon. 7. Flower. 8. Two people drinking together, Tea Saint.

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Ceramic Gaiwan

Weight 100 g


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