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Buy Pu-erh Bulang Camellia raw tea 201402


5 years Bulang Camellia ancient trees buy pu-erh tea.

The Bulang Mountain is listed as the first mountain to buy Pu-erh, due to several teas of the Bulang system, such as:

Ban Zhang, famous in the world;

Mane, bitter as first;

The Zhangjia three teams have the best Terrace tea.

HeKai, Mengsong, Naka, and other places in the vicinity also constitute a complete system, and countless good teas are eye-catching.

The most important point is that the best cooked tea is fermented with Bulang tea.

Raw tea and cooked tea have such a performance, which is actually Puer’s first mountain.

Whether it is raw tea or cooked tea, in terms of scale, the output scale of the Bulang system is many times larger than that of the Yiwu system.

The quality and taste of Bulang Mountain Pu-erh tea: Bulang camellia is a large leaf of arbor. The soup is orange and yellow, and the taste is strong. It recedes fast and turns sweet, and has a unique aroma. It is a favorite collection for many Chinese and foreign merchants and Pu-erh tea lovers.

  • Ingredients: Yunnan big leaf variety sunning tea
  • Shelf life: 99,999 days
  • Food Additives: None
  • Brand: Bajiao Ting Tea
  • Series: Bulang Camellia 2014
  • Pu-erh production process: raw tea
  • Pu-erh Tea Year: 1 year (inclusive) – 3 years (excluding)
  • Tea area: Menghai Tea Aera
  • Shape: Pie Tea
  • Net content: 400g

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Weight 400 g


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