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Buy pu-erh tea online NO.0432 Bulang 201001


9 years NO.0432 Bulang Camellia raw pu-erh tea.

One of the eight regular series, the famous mountain tree, collected in early spring, the taste is mellow.

Bulang Camellia is one of the major tea area in Yunnan, China.There are a lot of towns in the Bulang Mountains that each have very unique puerh teas to offer. Laobanzhang is one of the best Pu-erh tea village in the Bulang area. The tea of this area contains more  bitterness and intensity than other area. when people gradually have a correct understanding of this rich taste, Bulang Mountain tree tea will become the favorite choice for the tea lovers.Bulang Mountain is famous for its rare and unique aroma of ancient tea resources.


How to correctly understand and appreciate the cognition of Bulang Mountain Tea to the tea friends?


Correct understanding of the pure bitter taste of Bulang Mountain tea, rather than the problem of chemical fertilizers and pesticides or process, its bitter energy can be turned on, and its sputum can be transformed, that is, the so-called often talked about the bitter return. Many tea friends tend to compare with some ordinary tea products experience, and feel that Bulang Camellia is relatively slow. This kind of understanding is misunderstood. Of course, lighter bitterness fades faster than bitterness! Of course, the harder bitterness turns sweeter than the bitterness.

When people first drink Bulang camellia, it is difficult to bear the bitter and strong stimulation of the few cups. After 5-7 cups, the true sweetness of the tea can be revealed. Only after suffering the bitter test of the previous cups can you realize the latter. It is recommended that the tea drinkers who first taste this tea should drink a small amount of tea, and the time for the soup should be slightly shorter. It is better to adapt to the adjustment, and it is also a harvest after the bitterness and sweetness. There are two kinds of aromas of Bulang Mountain Tea, one is the smell of the nose – the fragrance (the bottom tea or tea soup), the other aroma – the dark fragrance, this fragrance is very restrained, the tea soup is highly integrated with its aroma. It is completely integrated, tea soup and aroma are not scattered and free, and from the bottom up, this highly organic fusion is also a valuable part of tea. If you add a new tea, if the tea is milder, in the later the feelings will be less obvious. The tea is bitter and rich at the beginning, and later changed into sweet and mellow. The taste sensitivity was quite obvious. The bitter and strong taste was very irritating to the taste buds, but it was necessary to feel the long-lasting taste of the good tea. It is easy to get a clear feeling, in order to reflect the value of the tea products.

  • Ingredients: Yunnan big leaf variety sunning tea
  • Shelf life: 999,999 days
  • Brand: Bajiao Ting Tea
  • Series: 2010 NO.0432
  • Pu-erh production process: raw tea
  • Shape: Pie Tea
  • Pu-erh tea vintage: 3 years (inclusive) – 5 years (excluding)
  • Tea area: Menghai Tea Aera
  • Net content: 357g

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Buy pu-erh tea online Buy pu-erh tea online Buy pu-erh tea online

Weight 357 g


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