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Bulang tea 7540 raw Pu-erh 201844



bulang tea

bulang tea

bulang tea

bulang tea

Name: 7540 Bulang tea
Brand: Bajiao Ting
Category: Pu-erh Raw Bulang Tea
Specifications: 357 grams
Raw material: Standard of Yunnan big leaf tea GB / T22111-2008
Shelf life: the more the more fragrant

As one of the classic products of the Bajiao Ting, 7540 Bulang tea has long been known by tea friends, especially the iron powder of the Bajiao Ting, a must-have product every year!
The appearance is not changed from the past, but it continues the traditional style, clear and elegant!
After opening the package, the dry tea has a light tea fragrance, the cake surface is round, the cords are evenly distributed, the elasticity is moderate, and there are yellow slices and a few tea stalks!
Take the tea and start brewing, wash the tea again, the soup is pale yellow. The aroma of the hanging cup is outstanding, pure, long-lasting, really unexpected, and the mood is suddenly bright. It seems that this Bajiao Ting 7540 Bulang tea follows the traditional craftsmanship in terms of materials and technology Improved again!
Summary: As a classic ration, the Bajiao Ting 7540 Bulang tea has been improved in terms of materials and technology, especially in terms of aroma. It has continued to be a traditional classic for many years, while its quality has improved, but the price is almost No change, no best, only better!

Weight 357 g


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