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Boutique bud loose black tea AR02


Boutique bud loose black tea AR02

Dianhong group has a garden about 32000 hectare area. They select tea from this garden with carefully. Dianhong group provides their consumers fresh and healthy tea that is collected from fresh and natural environment. Kongfu Black Tea is a long-established Chinese brand product, ingenious and trustworthy.

A fat bud head were carefully selected as the raw materials of this tea. The tea was made the traditional and innovative technology. Dry tea is rich in honey and rose. Each pot contains 4,700 bud heads, carefully selected and hand picked. After brewing, the color of the soup is as clear as a creamy amber. The taste is smooth and silky like chocolate.

As our Phoenix black tea is produced in Yunnan, there is a climatic feature of “the fog in the morning and evening, the rain is full of mountains and clouds”. The forest is dense, the deciduous grass forms a deep humus layer, the soil is fertile, and the tea tree is tall and strong. The leaf is fat, and it grows densely white. Even if it grows to 5-6 leaves, it is soft and tender, especially the content of polyphenols and alkaloids in tea. It is the first in Chinese tea, and the effect of black tea. It also has the functions of preventing phlegm, strengthening stomach and intestines, helping digestion, delaying aging, lowering blood sugar, lowering blood pressure, lowering blood fat, fighting cancer and resisting radiation. The caffeine in tea has a refreshing effect. It can promote the body to burn fat and supply heat energy while keeping the liver and vinegar in the process of exercise. The benefits of drinking phoenix black tea are many.

  • Ingredients: Special bud top
  • Shelf life: 1095
  • Food Additives: None
  • Product Name: Phoenix 60g Golden Needle
  • Brand: Phoenix
  • Series: Golden Needle
  • Net content: 60g


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Bud loose black tea Bud loose black tea Bud loose black tea

Weight 60 g


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