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Raw citrine bottle Pu-erh tea NMP12


In the initial system of traditional tea, Deepure also made brave and useful exploration and innovation. Lu Niandong said: “The traditional tea industry is still in the stage of production mode of semi-manual and semi-mechanical integration. The production line of Tetra Pak is based on the traditional tea-making process, which is improved and innovative in digitalization, standardization and cleanness, especially fresh. The leaf cleaning process and the application of “tea waterfall” technology have completely changed the traditional workshop-style uncontrollable processing mode, ensuring uniformity and cleanness of tea quality, and greatly improving the short-board of difficult and large-scale production of traditional tea industry. ”

The secret of the production system of the company is based on the “big health industry” and realizes “digitalization, standardization, function, branding, scale and internationalization” according to the GMP concept, through the innovation of production technology, equipment and scientific research technology. The creation of a whole industrial chain has largely overturned the tradition of making tea and drinking tea. At the same time, actively implement energy conservation and emission reduction, and develop a circular economy, such as the development of waste tea residue into dietary fiber, building board, organic fertilizer, handmade paper.

The cooked tea was designed for the raw tea crystal, so the basic tea can be full, but the processing technology and parameters of the cooked tea crystal are different, and the crystal density is relatively large, so the area occupied is less, but You can rest assured that the net content is 25 grams, but the density is not the same.

  • Ingredients: Yunnan Big Leaf Puerh Tea
  • Shelf life: 1825 days
  • Brand: Deepure
  • Series: Cream Tea Crystal Series
  • Net content: 25g

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bottle Pu-erh tea bottle Pu-erh tea bottle Pu-erh tea bottle Pu-erh tea

Weight 25 g


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