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Black tea matcha FMP02


* Shelf life: 1095 days

* Brand: Deepure

* Series: 12 black tea tea trays

 * Net content: 6g

In February 2014, the Deepure tea, instant black tea matcha, produced by Yunnan Tiansly Deepure Bio-tea Group, passed the organic standard processing certification of China, the United States, the European Union and Japan, and obtained the certification.


Organic products are derived from “ecology and nature”, emphasizing the use of genetically engineered organisms and their products in production, without the use of chemically synthesized pesticides, fertilizers, growth regulators and feed additives, following natural laws and ecological principles. Production is an environmentally friendly safety product that is truly derived from nature, eutrophication and high quality.


“Deeppure” is derived from the “deeppure” depth and purity, which means the deep health brought by safety and purity and technological innovation. The two are similar!

This black matcha  tea is made from Yunnan big leaf black tea – unique processing technology. The soup is orange and red, and the taste is sweet and refreshing. Black tea is a very popular tea. Black tea has functions of anti-oxidation, anti-aging, nourishing stomach, helping the stomach to digest, preventing osteoporosis, refreshing, quenching thirst, eliminating inflammation and sterilizing.

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Black tea matcha Black tea matcha Black tea matcha Black tea matcha

Weight 6 g


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