1. If you are not a member, but you want to place an order. You can leave us a message which products you like. We will reply you in no more than 24 hours. And also you can send us an email naturalpuerh@gmail.com

2. If you are already a member of us, you can just click the products you want and buy them online. Meanwhile please leave your detailed address to receive the order. After shipping we will send you email about the tracking number.

3. For the wholesalers , you can put the products into a word or excel document and send to our email: naturalpuerh@gmail.com or skype naturalpuerh@hotmail.com

Please click here for downloading word document.

Please click here for downloading excel document.

People can get shipping discount and small gifts who become wholesalers.

4. About the coupons: every customer can get the coupon of 20 USD if you buy more than 100 USD. The coupon code is: NP20

5. Some customers would directly call us at: +8615587209382