What is Yuechen Yuexiang Pu-erh

What is more and more fragrant?

In fact, the “Yuechen Yuexiang” in Pu-erh tea is the concept of time, and “more fragrant” is the material concept. “Yuechen Yuexiang” is a visual description of the aging process of Pu-erh tea. It is a chain in the overall structure of Pu-erh tea. Its core content is the mechanism of aging and the value of puer tea’s aging. In other words, “The Yuechen Yuexiang “Is another language of the aging mechanism of Pu-erh tea.

Is Puer tea as long as possible? The relevant experts answered for us. According to Mr. Chen Chuping, a national tea appraiser, Puer tea must be as long as possible. The quality of Pu-erh tea and the main chemical constituents in tea are as much as possible. Phenol, amino acids, soluble sugar, etc. are closely related. The storage process of Pu-erh tea is essentially the slow oxidation of chemical substances in tea. Puer tea is stored for a certain period of time. Many chemical components in tea will produce a qualitative change. This change will manifest In the soup color, aroma, etc., the taste is completely different from before. In this sense, the longer the old tea is stored, the better its unique quality and scent.

Pu-erh tea collector Mr. Wang Jingsheng also made an answer from the health effects of tea. He said that some of the substances contained in Pu-erh tea have a strong antioxidant function and scavenge free radicals, and these two functions are useful for preventing Aging has a strong effect. These unique properties are formed during the storage and fermentation process of Pu-erh tea. For long-storing tea, its fermentation effect will be more obvious, and its health function will be stronger. From this, In the sense, Puer tea is also stored as long as possible.

So how long is the “Yuechen Yuexiang” of Pu-erh tea, ten years? Twenty years? Or a hundred years? At present, there is no scientific conclusion on the shelf life of Pu-erh tea. The “Mongshou Dragon Regiment” which was once greeted from the Forbidden City of Beijing during the establishment of Pu-erh City in Yunnan has a history of 100 years. From the appearance, there is no sign of mildew and carbonization from the color to the bare bars on the surface. From here we can see Come out, the shelf life of Pu-erh tea is much longer than we expected.

The above can show that the more mature Puer tea is, the more valuable it is. It is reliable, but the older the better, there are certain prerequisites. The storage environment of Pu-erh tea, the true nature of the tea, and the age of aging are all It has a great impact on the quality of tea; if the same tea is stored in different environments and conditions, the differences between them are also very large, and its value is not the same. If the original tea is of poor quality, even if it is hidden There will not be any value increase in a hundred years, and the more old the better, the more impossible it will be.

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