Started in Yiwu tea and back to Yiwu

Many people like Yiwu just to drink tea because it is sweet and soft. Afterwards, someone will try to find all kinds of stimulates, find freshness, and look for violent feelings. But after drinking for a certain time, he would switch back to drink Yiwu, and eventually found Yiwu’s sturdy. Perhaps, many people who drink Pu-erh tea started in Yiwu, and will eventually return to Yiwu.
Yiwu is the hometown of Pu-erh tea and an ideal place to produce high-quality Pu-erh tea. The Yiwu tea from the deep mountain forest has strong mountain and wild atmosphere, but it returns to sweetness quickly, and then the lips and tongue are full of sweet fragrance, which is probably the beautiful characteristic of Yiwu tea.

Yiwu place name is Slang. Yi means feminine, Wu means snake, meaning “place where beautiful snake lives”. The highest elevation in Yiwu is 2023 meters in Heishui Liangzi, a windy village. The biggest feature of Yiwu tea is that the tea soup is “soft”, that is, it is not irritating and shows a sweet taste without losing its mellowness. The aroma does not belong to the high-yang type, but has a nectar. It can be said that no matter whether they are old tea guests who are familiar with the world, or tea friends who have just started drinking tea, they will not be able to extricate themselves in Yiwu Tea’s “Gentle Township”.

The higher the altitude, the greater the temperature difference between day and night. Yiwu’s terrain is high in the east and middle, and low in the south and west, with an average elevation of about 1,400 meters. The ecological environment at each altitude zone is different, and the difference in the angle of incidence of sunlight, the regional climate characteristics are very obvious, bringing rich and diverse ecological and biological systems. The temperature during the day is high, the sunlight is sufficient, the tea tree has strong photosynthetic capacity, and there are many synthetic substances. At night, when the temperature is low, the respiration of the tea tree is slowed down, the consumption is reduced, and the tea tree nutrients are more accumulated and stored.

Yiwu is located south of the Tropic of Cancer. The average temperature is usually maintained at about 17.7 ~ 20 ℃, which coincides with the growth temperature of tea trees at 15 ℃ ~ 23 ℃. In addition, because of the great difference in altitude, the difference in sunshine hours and heat received makes the climate of Yiwu Township show obvious three-dimensional characteristics, thus creating different ecological environments. This is one of the reasons why Yiwu is rich in ecology, and it also brings the characteristics of Yiwu tea “seven villages and eight villages, each with different characteristics.”

The soil in the Yiwu tea area was developed from weathering of purple rock and sandstone parent rock under the conditions of soil formation in tropical and subtropical rain forests. It is mainly brick red soil, red soil, loess, and purple soil. The soil quality is slightly acidic and the pH is between 4.5 and 6.5. The soil nutrient accumulates fast, decomposes and uses quickly, and there is a surplus of organic humus. The organic matter content is more than 4.5%, and the humus thickness is more than 5 cm. In addition, the soil has good air permeability, middle and upper moisture content, and can provide sufficient nutrients for tea tree growth under the action of moist heat, making the tea tree roots in Yiwu tea area deep and leafy.

The reason why Pu-erh cha has its uniqueness is that tea tree variety is one of the important connotations. The local varieties of Yiwu tea tree can be called Yiwu big leaf tea, also known as “Yiwu green bud tea”. After testing, the Yiwu big leaf spring tea contains about 2.9% amino acid, 5.1% caffeine, The total amount of theophylline is 24.8%, the total amount of tea polyphenols is 31.0%, and the total amount of water extract is 48.5%. Among the aroma components, the content of linalool and its oxides is very high. This shows that Yiwu big leaf Tea has a strong astringency, strong and smooth taste, and a sharp aroma, which is a superior variety for processing Pu-erh tea.

So, when you first drink Yiwu tea, you will feel sweet and soft, and then someone will try to find all kinds of stimulation, freshness, and violent feeling. But after drinking for a certain time, he would switch back to drink Yiwu, and eventually found Yiwu’s sturdy. Perhaps, many people who drink Pu-erh tea started in Yiwu, and will eventually return to Yiwu.



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