What is Yuechen Yuexiang

Puer tea’s “Yuechen Yuexiang” is one of the two secrets contained in Pu-erh tea.

Puer tea is the concept of time, and the more fragrant is the concept of material. “More Chen Yuexiang” actually involves the three most valuable core contents of Pu-erh tea:
One is time

This is one of the core issues of Pu-erh tea, and it is also one of the most debated in Yunnan tea industry. Many people believe that any material has a life cycle and cannot develop indefinitely. The focus is on the best point (time) for tasting, that is, how long is the “more aging” of Pu-erh tea, 10 years, 20 years, 50 years, 100 years, or even Longer, there is currently no scientific conclusion, because it has a direct relationship with the quality of raw materials, the quality of the process, and storage conditions. But it is definitely not like two or thirty years as some people think.

The concept of “Yuechen” is not only the biggest difference between Pu-erh tea and green tea, but also one of the core values ​​of Pu-erh tea. Without “Yuechen”, it is not Pu-erh tea. In turn, the prolongation of the “Yuechen” period also provides a time guarantee for the continuous degradation and transformation of the internal substances of Pu-erh tea.
Second is the transformation of matter (how to understand “the more fragrant”).

Take Pu-erh tea aromatic substances as an example (that is, the displayed aroma). The newly processed Pu-erh tea (raw cake) has about four or fifty kinds of aromatic substances, which are very heavy. However, the Pu-erh tea, which has been stored for 50 years, has only seven to nine aromatic substances. Moreover, in the post-fermentation of Pu-erh tea, the evolution of its aroma has a tendency to transform into a singularity. Among them, the aromatic substance that gradually dominates is oxidized linalool (English name Linalool.oxide, molecular formula: C10H18O2), which belongs to the aromatic substance with a special fragrance type.

Maybe it is because of its customs clearance, it is very easy to generate memory in the central nervous system of the human brain. This makes many tea guests pause in the process of drinking Pu-erh tea, even if it is only a few days, when they drink Pu-erh again, they will immediately feel a sense of reunion. This peculiar fragrance will make people remember deeply and have strong exclusivity. This is what we often call “Chen Xiang”-more accurately, it should be “Agarwood”. This kind of substance is obtained from Puer tea over a long period of time by slowly complexing and transforming various substances such as tea polyphenols, tea saponin, and caffeine under the action of enzymes. It is the real meaning of Pu-erh tea.
Number three is nutrition and medicinal value.

Many people talk about tea, that is, tea polyphenols, what antioxidants, remove free radicals from the body, and so on. But tea polyphenols are a big concept compared to tea chemistry. After all, there are too many substances in tea polyphenols, and so far a large number of substances have not been found and confirmed. Tea polyphenols are not medicines. Only when tea polyphenols are appropriately degraded and transformed to produce new derivatives, such derivatives may produce medicinal functions. And this process happens to be in the realm of biotechnology. Puer tea’s “Yuechen Yuexiang” is a typical expression of biological processes and results. It takes time for the degradation and transformation of organisms. It is the process of “more aging”, and “more fragrant” not only represents a certain special aroma, but also gives the concept of quality more. Without good quality, it is impossible to produce a good smell.

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