Does cooked tea get weight loss

Studies on the efficacy of cooked tea and published academic papers have confirmed that cooked tea can indeed lose weight. But in reality, many people don’t agree with this. The most common view is: drinking cooked tea can easily lead to hunger, eat more, how can it lose weight?

It is important to understand that the contents of cooked tea really help to lose weight. The most important are pigments (mainly theophagenin), residual polyphenols and catechins, gallic acid, and a small amount of Lovastatin, these types of substances can reduce blood lipids, triglycerides and inhibit cholesterol intake, and can indeed play a role in weight loss.

But reducing the intake of oils and fats is a weakening of the nutrients taken by the human body. Yes, oils and fats belong to one of the six major categories of nutrients. Many people use it to scrape oil. It makes sense and should be taken. If you don’t eat it, you may feel hungry!

So what’s next to be hungry, what should I do, to eat? If you really want to lose weight, you should carry it. If you just talk about it, you can say the same sentence just now: drinking cooked tea is easy to produce hunger, eat more, how can you lose weight?

Moreover, if you want to lose weight, it is not recommended that you drink too much, drink too much, hungry, shortness of breath, and easy to cause hypoglycemia, then you must eat.

So cooked tea can lose weight. As for how to reduce it, it can’t be solved in a few words.

Weight loss is a relatively painful thing, it requires a certain amount of willpower and endurance, and it is mainly aimed at acquired obesity. Dieting and exercise is a very common practice, and health drinks such as cooked tea are only one This kind of assistance!

The most important thing is you. You can expect to drink less cooked tea, and you can’t control your mouth. You don’t like sports. No one can save you!



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