Can terrace tea transfer into old tea after storage?

Sun-dried terrace tea refers to Pu-erh tea made from tea cyanine raw materials from artificially cultivated terraced tea gardens. Due to the effects of artificial planting, picking, and pruning, the trunk of this type of tea tree is not obvious, and the first-level branches are lower. When the planting density is larger, the growth space of the tree body is smaller, the tea leaves are thin, and the leaf quality is thin. The strips are more beautiful. These characteristics are especially obvious in long-term picking of densely planted tea gardens.

Most of the tea species in the tea areas of Yunnan Province are arbor-type large-leaf tea trees, but after artificial planting, pruning, and intensive harvesting, the tea tree’s own growth conditions have been changed. Tea trees have been (restricted) and (Stimulus) But the nature of the tea tree has not changed because of this. When the various (restriction) and (stimulus) are lifted, these low-shaped tea trees will grow and grow to restore the original appearance of its trees.

Some people call the tea strips delicate and beautiful tea products simply classified as shrub tea. They are named “Terrace Tea” and think that the tea products of these teas are not good. In fact, this is inaccurate. No, in addition to the light, temperature, and water conditions of the growing environment of the tea tree, it depends not only on the nature of the tea tree species, but also on the large and small planting densities. Any planting density is relatively large because of the high branch density and relative buds and leaves. Thin and thin, the tea leaves processed in this way must be delicate and beautiful. Otherwise, the tea leaves will become thick and fat. Therefore, the quality of tea cannot be simply judged by the size of the tea leaves. Comprehensive evaluation of the tea The difference with arbor tea.

Arbor big tree tea refers to the ancient tea garden tea that was collected more than 100 years. These big (old) tree teas have few diseases and insect pests, and do not need to be treated with medicines. They also do not need pruning and fertilization and other management measures. They are an authentic natural vegetation ( Old) tree tea can also be said to be a natural organic tea. Of course, its yield is much lower than that of Taiwan tea. The leaves of these two tea trees undergo the same manufacturing process, and the price is also very different. If they are both arbor puer tea There is no such a big price difference. Today’s interests are supreme and artificially misleading factors have made Pu-erh depart from the original simplicity and simplicity. Famous mountains, famous villages, celebrities, and famous brands made the original cheap tea, now at an unattainable price. Lots of people lost their way.


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