Rational tea features

People who drink tea have their own “rational tea”, “rational tea” is a good choice for tea lovers to drink daily. They are like rice from southerners and pasta from northerners. They penetrate into people’s daily life. It is delicious and healthy. They are usually large in quantity and easy to buy, and are not as scarce as high-end tea products, and ordinary people can also get in touch and be cordial.
A good “rations tea” must have good quality, and the price is within the range of most consumers. It is a tea that can meet the daily drinking needs of tea lovers and has a high cost performance. It is suitable as Daily consumables for tea.
What are at least the characteristics of a suitable “rational tea”?

1. Safe and reliable, quality assurance.
The basic conditions of a “good tea” are that the storage is clean and hygienic, and the tea products are free of odors and odors, and then the taste is pure and the overall quality is good. But choosing a good quality “ration tea” is not so simple. Weighing the quality and price requires a certain professional ability, which is time consuming and worrying. At this time, the brand has quickly identified whether a tea product is basically safe One of the guaranteed conditions is that a good brand has a heritage and has passed the certification of thousands of tea friends and has been recognized by the market. For most tea friends, choosing a trusted and reliable brand can save a lot of detours.

2. Price is close to the people, good rational tea.

“Rations” means a large amount of consumption. Although you should not drink too much Pu-erh tea every day, but because it is a tea product that you drink every day, over time, the consumption of tea products is also amazing, so the price is moderate. An important condition. Taking 357g / piece of tea as an example, most of the tea lover’s “rational tea” is about ¬†US dollar 40. As long as the quality of the tea is assured and the taste is suitable, it will not be distressed by the price.

3. Classic heritage, excellent reputation.
This is a plus. Many tea friends often drink a good kind of tea, but it is difficult to find similar tea when you go to find it after drinking it. At this time, you will inevitably feel regret and loss. Many brands of tea products have been passed down. Depending on the actual situation of the enterprise, they are produced once a year or once every three or five years. The quality is improved while maintaining the original characteristics of the taste. This kind of tea not only inherits the classics, it appears more frequently in the circle of tea lovers, but also wins the recognition of tea friends with excellent quality.


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