Pu-erh ancient tree pure materials

Speaking of pure materials, everyone will think of a bite. Some articles even confuse the two. In fact, it is not that one bite is usually used to describe Pu-erh tea cakes, tea bricks, tea scoops, etc, which are used to squeeze the internal and external ingredients of tea. Especially tea cakes and tea bricks, in order to make their appearance better, the merchants will use good ingredients to sprinkle the noodles. Sprinkling noodles is not bad, but it is not as pure as a bite.

After speaking a bite, let’s talk about pure material. Regarding pure materials, there is no clear definition so far, only limited to centennial arbor tea trees, that is, the economic age of tea trees is more than 100 years. There are about six kinds of sayings about pure materials on the market today. The first pure materialsĀ is the ancient tree tea on different hills. As long as it is ancient tree tea, regardless of the mountain, season, batch, it is called pure material. But people who understand tea don’t quite agree with this pure material.

The second pure materials is the same mountain and the same village, divided into seasons, but not batch and tea tree age. Some of the tea trees in the same mountain and village are 100 years old, 300 years old, and 500 years old. The taste is slightly different at different ages, and this pure material is only divided into spring tea, summer tea and autumn tea. Strictly speaking, it is not pure.

The third is the ancient tree tea in the same tea garden, but regardless of batch and tea tree age. Although it is the same tea garden, the taste difference of different batches of tea is still obvious. Coupled with teas of different tea tree ages, the taste is not pure enough compared to the real pure materials. There are many old-fashioned tea factories on the market. As long as it is ancient tree tea, they are mixed together and pressed into cakes for sale.

The fourth is the ancient tree tea in the same tea garden, divided into batches, regardless of tea tree age. For example, the ancient tree tea from 100 to 300 years old, regardless of the age of the tea tree, is picked and mixed together. The first spring tea is one batch, and the second spring tea is another batch. This is how most private tea merchants harvest.

The fifth kind is the ancient tree tea in the same tea garden, divided into batches and divided into tea tree ages. This pure material is harvested according to the age of the tea tree. As long as it is a 300-year-old tea, both the first spring tea and the second spring tea are mixed and pressed for sale. This is the pure material that most private tea merchants say.

Personally, the above 5 are not pure materials. The real pure material should be the same tea garden, the same batch of picking, the same tree age of ancient tree tea, this tea is only picked in the first three batches of spring tea. There is also a single plant.

Generally, ancient trees or a few tea trees are selected in the tea garden, and only the first spring tea is picked. This tea is mostly a private collection. The last is the tea tree king tea, which is picked from the tea tree king, usually the first two batches. But now most of the tea tree kings are protected by the state, it is difficult for ordinary tea friends to drink.


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