What is pure material?

Pu-erh tea pays attention to the mountain, pays attention to the year, and also pays attention to the raw pure material and individual plants. These are all terms derived from Pu-erh tea.

Pure material, which is often referred to as “one mouthful” by the seller, means a single tea variety without any other tea blending. The characteristics of this kind of tea are that the cost is relatively high and the taste is single, but you can appreciate the characteristics of the major tea mountains, Yiwu soft, Banzhang strong, Ailao orchird, Jingmai Honey, etc. , High-end Pu-erh is generally a mouthful.

The Pu-erh tea area covers a wide range. The four major tea areas under Pu-erh, Banna, Lincang and Baoshan can be divided into several tea areas, and each tea area contains a different number of mountain villages. Mengben, Dapingzhang, Bangbo, Wengjiwongwa, Mengjing and other villages. Yunnan’s special geographical and meteorological conditions determine that there are differences in environmental and vertical altitude distribution in very close areas. Such environmental differences will inevitably bring about differences in tea quality. Even on the same mountain, tea trees on the shaded side and the top and bottom of the slope will produce different tastes due to the difference in growing environment. Even for a tea tree, there are differences in tea quality when taking tea at different locations on the lower side and the upper side of the canopy.

Compared with other teas in other regions of China, the tea-making process in Yunnan is more extensive and refined. The Pu-erh tea farmers are basically responsible for the initial production of tea. The difference in the degree and direction of each household’s understanding of the process has led to differences in the quality and style of tea. Even the same tea farmer cannot guarantee the uniform quality of every pot of tea that it cooks.

If you consider the time scale, the definition of pure material will be more difficult. Are fresh leaves picked in the morning and high in water content mixed with fresh leaves picked in the afternoon and relatively low in water content, are they pure materials? Are spring and autumn tea in the same tea area mixed with pure materials? Can tea (mixed with large and small trees) be considered pure? Is it pure in the same two years before and after the same picking time in the tea area?

Pure material Pu-erh tea should refer to a relative concept within the scope of our understanding, and the constraints are obvious, such as for the region, tea species, or picking time. The so-called pure material refers to the same region, the same variety, the same season and the same tea craftsmanship, brewed tea soup is inevitably single taste, better pure material tea is generally selected from high-quality tea to meet this Conditional tea tree species are generally more precious and the corresponding prices are higher. Therefore, if you have not personally witnessed the participation in the production process of a cake tea, but just buy the finished Pu-erh tea in the market, the chance of buying pure ingredients is very small!


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