Pu-erh tea glutinosity

Pu-erh tea glutinosity refers to thick and sticky. For Pu-erh tea, it means whether its water-soluble substances are abundant, that is, whether tea polyphenols, amino acids, fructose, pectin and other ingredients are abundant.

The Pu-erh tea glutinosity is mainly reflected by the performance of the tea soup entrance. After brewing a type of tea, the consistency of the tea soup can be judged immediately after it is brewed. High-quality Pu-erh tea, whether raw or cooked, must have excellent consistency at the new tea stage. There is another explanation of the viscosity, which is oral richness and oral impact.

For the high-quality Pu-erh new tea, after the entrance, if you feel full of fragrant, quickly regenerate, and taste buds perceive rich flavor, then you can think that the consistency of this tea is superior.

In the tea-drinking population, there is a so-called “whole mouth is tea”, which is a good interpretation of glutinosity. Take a sip of tea and you can feel the taste of the tea. Many Pu-erh teas produced in many high-quality Pu-erh tea producing areas have good consistency.

When the drinker took a sip of the tea soup, it was full of scent, and quickly rejuvenated, orderly and sweet. This is a tea with excellent consistency. High-viscosity teas, even their tea soup, can feel degreased as if frozen.

Pu-erh new tea is very taboo, and it’s hard to believe that it will become more and more fragrant over time.

In general, a high-quality Pu-erh new tea must have a low-grade and elegant aroma, must be quick and long-lasting, and have a good tea soup coordination, change, richness, and Pu-erh tea glutinosity. Only this strong Pu-erh new tea has the material basis of getting older and more fragrant.

A new and weak Pu-erh tea does not have the material base of getting older and more fragrant. This kind of tea, no matter how long it is aged, cannot be transformed into high-quality Pu-erh tea. Only high-quality Pu-erh new tea, after proper storage, will become high-quality aged Pu-erh tea drinkings.

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