Why is Pu-erh tea so popular?

From the perspective of the manufacturing process, the fermentation of Pu-erh tea requires the participation of microorganisms. This makes Pu-erh tea a wide variety of ingredients. The ingredients in tea make Pu-erh tea have many effects. In addition, Pu-erh tea is also recorded in ancient Chinese books. However, due to the modern invention of the fermented tea fermentation technology, there may not be records of cooked tea in ancient books.

From an environmental point of view, Pu-erh tea grows in Yunnan. Sunlight, rain and soil in Yunnan will affect the tea composition of Pu-erh tea. In addition, there are a number of ancient tea trees left by the Qing Dynasty in Yunnan. These tea trees have thick trunks and are hundreds of years old. The natural environment in which the ancient trees are located is relatively primitive, with less human intervention.

From the perspective of collection, Pu-erh tea has the characteristics of “more and more fragrant.” Pu-erh tea has a long shelf life, unlike other teas. Some teas have a short shelf life, which will expire in a few years. Pu-erh tea does not. After Pu-erh New Tea is stored for several years, the tea cake will undergo post conversion. The price of Pu-erh tea will also change. In the current Pu-erh market, the price of old tea is at a relatively high level. The price of new tea is not as high as that of old Pu-erh.

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