Good Pu-erh raw tea six features

Pu-erh raw tea has a unique flavor and is loved by many people. Drinking Pu-erh tea has also become a new lifestyle. However, the Pu-erh raw tea on the market has different flavors, so how to choose the right Pu-erh tea?

1. Made by regular manufacturers.

As a general consumer, purchasing Pu-erh raw tea is a difficult problem. It is recommended to choose regular manufacturers and standardize the operation of large brands and manufacturers of tea. Because through the manufacturer’s purchase, or some franchised stores, the flagship store can be identified through their own experience, and it is more secure.
2. Tight shape.

Regular high-quality Pu-erh raw tea cakes are straight in shape, and will not fall off. The color is shiny, oily, tender, and the buds are plump. Inferior tea cakes have edge fall, the shape is not complete, and even small mold spots appear.

For the good dry tea, you can directly see that the cake noodles have buds. This kind of raw tea is good.
3. High aroma.

The aroma of tea should be the soul of each tea. Different teas have different aromas, but no matter what the tea is, it should give people a sense of comfort, not a pungent sensation.

Regular high-quality Pu-erh raw tea cakes have high aroma and no odor. The aroma is pure and intense after brewing. After soaking the pudding, it should have a natural fragrance, not a musty smell. Especially the ancient tree tea, there are already 50 to 60 kinds of aromatic substances detected. These fragrances will not give people a pungent taste, and it will smell comfortable and natural. Generally speaking, Raw tea has aromas such as orchid and honey.

Maybe some novice tea buddies can’t tell the difference in fragrance at first, but good health smells must be refreshing.
4.Clear tea soup.

The difference in soup color is related to factors such as killing and drying during processing, and whether the storage conditions are dry and the age of storage.

The high-quality Pu-erh raw tea soup is mainly yellow, such as yellow green, orange yellow, light yellow, and so on. And clear and transparent, the color remains unchanged for a long time. Slightly poor quality tea, the tea soup is red but not strong or black and red.

Pu-erh raw tea, which is still light in age, is mostly pale yellow to bright yellow in color. As the year accumulates, the color will gradually deepen. It should be noted that, even if the soup is more fine, the tea soup should have better transparency.
5. Strong taste.

High-quality raw tea tastes strong and sweet, smooth and mellow. Does not sip odors and water musty. Although it feels a bit jerky, it will soon return to sweetness, and the mouth is smooth, the whole tongue is a little sticky, and the mouth feels like drinking rice soup.
6. The bottom of the leaf is even.

High-quality raw tea leaves are homogeneous, followed by inferior quality.

If your Pu-erh raw tea is bubbled, the bottom of the leaf is dark cyan, and the tea leaves are thicker, and rubbing the leaves with your hands won’t break easily, it means that the raw materials are good. General arbor tea is relatively stout, with thick buds, and it is not easy to crush. For small arbor or platform tea, the leaf color of the tea is milky yellow, and the buds are thin, and the leaves are thin, and they will break when rubbed.

Pu-erh tea is a very collectable tea, so when you buy it, you must choose a good quality tea to make it collectible.

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