Pu-erh old tea head four features

Pu-erh old tea head is a type of Pu-erh tea, which is a piece of tea that is lumped during the fermentation process of Pu-erh tea. The shape of the Pu-erh tea is a bunch of pupa, which is produced by artificial fermentation. The tea soup is stronger after brewing. It is very resistant to foam. So what are the four quality characteristics of Pu-erh tea old tea heads?

Four features of Pu-erh tea old tea head: thick, foam resistant, sticky, sweet:

1. Thickness is the most prominent feature of the old tea head. Regarding the cooked tea, the concentration and thickness of the old tea head are all in front of the old tea head. The old tea head is under the adhesion of tea pectin and mycelium. The old yellow leaves are the skeleton, and the young leaves are the main body. They are tightly glued together, and they are tight and solid. In addition to the thin water before and after the brewing, the basic soup is thick and thick. The inner substance is full and rich, it is a model of thickness!

  1. Foam resistance. The foam resistance of the old tea head can only be described by astonishing, and it is a few streets of other teas. The package is compact, the inner quality is extremely rich, and the taste is extremely thick. The normal one-tipped old tea head with bottled water changed twice does not change the tea abound, even after the brewing, you can also cook and drink, cost-effective is not ridiculous!
  2. During the fermentation of sticky and cooked tea, under the action of various cellulases, hemicellulases, and pectinase, a large amount of polysaccharides are converted into hydrated pectin, which increases the sticky feeling of cooked tea. It is low-grade cooked tea, and it will also have a certain degree of stickiness after fermentation, not to mention the old tea head. Pectin is an important adhesion substance. In addition, it sticks a lot of tea with higher tenderness, and the consistency is higher. Especially when drinking old tea, flip the tongue on the surface of the tongue and feel sticky. More obviously, no wonder some people say that drinking old tea has the feeling of porridge and gruel.
  3. Sweet, old tea head is typical of outer coke tender, the surface fermentation is relatively high. The inside is relatively light, the outer layer is often charred. The inner layer is sweet and sweet, the two are intertwined, the aroma is higher; sweet Because most old tea heads use old leaves and stalks as the skeleton, these low-grade materials generally have higher sweetness. If there are more low-grade materials, the sweetness is more sufficient.

Benefits of Pu-erh Old Tea Head:

1. Cooked Pu-erh tea has black tea (TR), yellow tea (TF), tea brownin (TB), gallic acid and vitamin C, etc. These substances play an important role in improving the function of the human immune system. People who need to improve immunity have a big role.

  1.  Flavonoid glycosides in cooked Pu-erh tea have the function of vitamin P, which is an important substance to prevent vascular sclerosis in the human body. It is suitable for middle-aged and elderly people, and it is formed by the combined effects of various active ingredients such as tea polyphenols, chlorophyll and vitamin C Tea tree polyphenol content reaches 30-34%, total catechins reach 18-24%, and its foam resistance is 46-50%.

    3. Fermented Pu-erh old tea head with rich beneficial flora will not cause irritation to the stomach after entering the human body, and can form an adhesion film on the surface of the stomach, which has a protective effect on people with a bad stomach. Drinking it regularly can play a role The effect of nourishing and protecting the stomach.

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