Difference between Pu-erh Cake Tea and Loose Tea

From the morphological point of view, common Pu-erh tea is mainly divided into two categories: loose tea and Pu-erh cake tea. So, apart from the morphological differences, what are the essential differences between Pu-erh cake tea and loose tea?

Before discussing the essential difference between Pu-erh tea cake and loose tea in detail, we first understand the two by definition.

Pu-erh loose tea is academically called sun-green tea. Mostly use one bud two leaves or one bud three leaves and the same tenderness of the sandwich folder, single leaf as the raw material. It is made by hand-killing, twisting, and sun exposure. At this time, the Pu-erh loose tea still kept the scattered tea leaves, with clear lines.
Pu-erh tea, in a true sense, can be called Pu-erh tea only after Pu-erh loose tea is made into cake tea by autoclaving at high temperature.
Advantages of Pu-erh loose tea:

Advantage 1: The freshness of loose tea is high, and the integrity of the cord is good.

Pu-erh loose tea, especially the newly produced Pu-erh loose tea, retains the original fragrance and sweetness of the tea, and its freshness is far better than that of cake tea. Because it is not suppressed by gravity, its lines are complete and clear.

Advantage 2: Convenient brewing and observation of leaf bottom.

Loose tea leaves do not need to be like tea cakes. They need to be pried with tools such as tea needles and tea knives before they can be drunk. One of its great advantages is that it is ready to take. Moreover, the shape and color of the tea can be carefully observed, and the quality of the raw materials of the tea can be clearly seen.
Advantages of Pu-erh Pu-erh Tea:

Advantage 1: The richness and strong sense of cake.

Pu-erh loose tea is autoclaved and then pressed into cake tea. After a period of drying, it is stored in cotton paper-wrapped cakes and bamboo husks, and then put into Puer tea in the true sense.

The cake tea that has undergone this step of high-temperature autoclaving is better than loose tea in terms of cohesion and balance. Because the contact surface with air is smaller than loose tea, after long-term storage, the aroma and taste of Pu-erh cake tea are better than loose tea.
Advantage 2: Convenient storage, good aging.

First of all, compared with loose tea, the volume of pressed cake tea is greatly reduced, which is very conducive to long-term storage. Of course, loose tea can also be stored, but because it takes up a lot of space compared to cake tea, the rope is easily broken during the process of moving.
Secondly, before the tea cake is formed, it must be autoclaved at high temperature. Because of this, during the storage process after drying, the overall leaf contact air area is relatively small, and the post-fermentation will be relatively slow, but it will be more adequate. The reason Pu-erh tea is so special is because it has the characteristics of aging in the later stage, and the older it gets, the more fragrant it becomes.
Finally, for Pu-erh cake tea, the tea products stored in the standard warehouse are far better than those stored in the small warehouse, because large warehouses are more likely to form a space suitable for later aging of tea, such as suitable temperature and humidity. condition.

Advantage 3: convenient transportation.

Convenient transportation is one of the great advantages of Pu-erh cake tea. With Pu-erh tea, it has moved out of Yunnan and into the country and even the world. Pressing into a cake is very necessary. Due to the tight pressing, the situation that the leaves of the tea are broken due to bumps in the road is reduced. Therefore, relatively speaking, Pu-erh loose tea without compression is not suitable for long-distance transportation.
Generally speaking, Pu-erh tea pressed into cakes has advantages in all aspects, but this does not mean that Pu-erh loose tea has no advantages.

For some tea lovers who like loose tea, It can truly see the quality of each piece of tea, so there is no need to worry about the difference between the inside and outside of the tea and the quality of the tea cake. But in fact, if you find qualified manufacturers and merchants of conscience, you don’t need to worry about similar problems.

For example, tea friends who are familiar with the Bajiao Ting probably feel this way: The cakes and teas are round and square, without making rotten inside.

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