What is Palace Puerh tea

Among the quality grades of Puerh tea, palace Puerh tea is one. I believe that most people still don’t know much about Puerh tea at this level. So, what is the palace Puerh tea? Regarding this issue, let’s take a detailed look at the relevant content of Puerh tea under the palace. It is also very good to have a better understanding of Puerh tea.
1. Introduction of Palace Puerh Tea.

Palace Puerh, as the name implies, is Puerh tea in Shanggong palace. Compared with other tribute teas, it is truly unique, and was regarded as a rare famous tea at that time. Round like the moon in the third autumn, and incense in the nine orchids, the Emperor Qianlong’s first product Puerh was given this reputation, not a lie.

Although folks also have Puerh, their quality is not comparable to that of Royal Puerh. “Compendium of Materia Medica” records: Puerh tea taste bitterness, dissolve greasy cattle and sheep poison, bitter, expel phlegm, scrape intestines and vent.

Because the Manchu ancestors of the Qing Dynasty were originally nomadic peoples in northeast China, they were mainly meat eaters, and they said that the emperor was noble and favored. Since then, the food and beverages were endless, so those emperors and relatives favored Puerh. Puerh tea then became the most popular royal drink of the royal family at the time.

At that time, the Royal Puerh was only enjoyed by members of the royal family. It was a symbol of a unique identity. Without the royal lineage, it was really missed. Even the founding fathers of Prime Minister, or the three dynasty veterans who assisted Jishao Ji, only occasionally had the privilege of being a pro-family of the royal Puer at the Thousand Feasts when they made special achievements or merits and successfully returned to their hometown.

Nowadays, with the change of the times, the palace court Puerh is like “the former king tribute, flew into the home of ordinary people.” Today, let us come to reveal its mysterious veil to the friends.

Palace Puerh tea is processed from the fresh leaves of Yunnan big leaf tea tree, and its picking standard is one bud one leaf first exhibition, or one bud two leaves first exhibition. At the same time, its production process is relatively complicated, and it needs to go through several processes such as greening, twisting, drying, stacking and compacting.
Judging from the shape of the tea, the shape of the bar is fat and well-proportioned, and the broken tea is the best product. The thin and tight strips are the inferior products. From the bottom of the leaf, the palace Puerh tea has a brown and red color and a lustrous luster. The leaf quality is not easy to decay, hardening is the top grade, and the bottom of the leaf is matt or the leaf quality is decaying, hardening is the second grade.

2. Collection value.

“Drinkable and hideable” is the dual characteristic of Puerh tea. Puerh tea is known as “drinkable antique”, and its unique quality is more and more recognized by everyone. The quality of Puerh tea is closely related to tea polyphenols, amino acids and soluble sugars, which are the main chemical components in tea.

The essence of Puerh tea storage process is the slow oxidation process of chemical substances in tea. After storing Puerh tea for a certain period of time, the soup color gradually changes from the original yellow-green or orange-yellow to red, bright and bright, and the taste appears mellow and smooth. Due to the reduction of the tea polyphenol oxidized ester tea, the increase of soluble sugar, the astringency is reduced, the bitterness is eliminated, the sweetness is increased, and a special scent is presented.

Palace Puerh tea is post-fermented tea, the longer it is stored, the better the quality. Now consumers generally buy aged Puerh tea for drinking, but the formation of aged tea takes time. Good green cakes are usually stored for more than ten years. And good cooked cakes usually take four to five years. Every year, a large amount of raw tea needs to be collected and aged for drinking in the future.

If the production enterprise wants to set aside some raw tea collection and aging, the production enterprise will have a lot of capital pressure in a few years. Therefore, commercial capital is required to participate in the completion of this process, and channels for collecting and investing in Puerh tea have emerged. The value-added of Puerh tea is obvious.

After introducing the above content, I believe everyone has a certain understanding of the palace Puerh tea. Puerh tea has always been a popular drink. Most people like to drink Puerh tea, and different Puerh teas satisfy more people’s needs. In general, drinking Puerh tea is good for your health, and there are many benefits to developing a good tea drinking habit.

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