Palace Puerh tea features

Palace Puerh tea is probably a household tea, and has basically become a drink for the public. Whether it is used as a daily drink or used in health care, it is very popular. There are different grades of Puerh tea, among which there is the Puerh tea at the level of the palace, then from the perspective of the Puerh tea, we understand the quality characteristics of the Puerh tea under the palace.

Palace Puerh is one of the grades of cooked pueraria. It is the highest grade of cooked pueraria. The grades of cooked pueraria are divided into palaces and special grades. (Made in Menghai), seven grades of first, third, fifth, seventh and ninth grade, all kinds of cooked cakes and cooked bricks are pressed with different ratios of tea greens of the above grades to achieve different tastings benefit, but generally only one to nine levels are used, and the palace and special grades will drink separately.

Strictly speaking, the palace Puerh cooked tea is sieved in the post-fermented cooked tea, and then detected with tweezers. There will be a better lotus fragrance, because the authentic buds have no fiber for the pile, and are fermenting It is easy to “burn out” during the process so it is impossible to ferment alone. Now some people use the frame to pack the bud tips and stuff them into the pile for fermentation, but this quality is much worse than that of strict selection.

Therefore, if it is the authentic palace of Puerh, it should be said that it is still relatively good. But very little. Due to the high grade of materials, Palace Puerh tea has higher aroma and delicate taste than other grades of tea in the same pile, but its foam resistance is worse.

Palace Puerh tea quality characteristics are as follows:

(1) The raw materials are selected from the top buds with the finest bud leaves.

(2) The shape and characteristics are delicate and tight, and the gold is revealed. The grade is high and the tenderness is also very high. Things are rare, and tea tips are the most noble of all tea leaves.

(3) The fragrance is authentic Menghai glutinous incense, with a sense of rice soup and thick soup.

(4) The taste is characterized by mellow glutinous aroma, strong slippery, relatively mouth-watering, high grade, tender tea, and quite good sweetness.

(5) The charm is long, and there is a glutinous aftertaste echoing after the product.
This content is introduced here, in fact, no matter what level of Palace Puerh tea, it has a health care benefit on the human body. Therefore, to drink Puerh tea, we drink it according to the tea we like, not necessarily to follow the trend to choose.

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