How to understand the aged and old taste

Tea must be quality, tea must be strong, tea must be bottomed, and tea must be clean. The soup-colored agate has a light tea flavor and a tasteless Zen state. It is unique to Pu-erh tea, which has accumulated decades of stagnant years. The old tea itself has a bright oily surface and old age. The quality standards of the dry-storage Pu-erh tea for the past ten years are closely related to our tea lovers.

Since Pu-erh tea needs to be aged for years, it will easily have an old flavor. The storage environment and ventilation oxidation play a decisive role in the aroma of Pu-erh tea. The reason most people don’t like warehousing tea is that it can’t accept its wetness. The old flavor, the dry storage Pu-erh new life tea is naturally stored after a three-year silent period, in order to remove the green tea’s astringent taste, and switch to its endogenous aging stage. Tea storage in this period requires better sealed storage, which is not only advantageous The release of pectin can also be used to isolate the old taste impaired from the air during ventilation and oxidation.

The effect of the tea stored in this way is that we often mention that the tea soup is clean, fresh and penetrating. The old taste with rhyme foot, good throat and fresh water is not distinguished from the fragrance, no rhyme, and the old fragrance of wood fragrance at throat.

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