Which teas to nourish stomach?

Which teas should we drink to nourish stomach? Tea has a history of thousands of years and is one of the favorite drinks. However, drinking tea requires a clear physique and should be properly consumed, otherwise it is very easy to hurt the body. Chinese medicine believes that people’s physique is hot and cold, and tea leaves are also cold and warm through different production processes, so drinking tea with different physiques is also particular. People with hot physique should drink cold tea, and people with physique of cold should drink warm tea. So what kind of tea do people with bad stomach drink to nourish stomach?

Everyday common teas in our daily life are mainly divided into green tea, clear tea, black tea, etc. Among them, Pu-erh tea belongs to the category of black tea. This is basically divided according to the degree of tea fermentation from low to high. Generally speaking, Tieguanyin in green tea are cold teas due to their relatively low degree of fermentation; Dahongpao and Oolong tea are both neutral teas, while black tea and Puer tea are both warm teas.
1. Pu-erh tea.

Drinking Pu-erh cooked tea at an appropriate concentration will not cause gastrointestinal stimulation. After the smooth, viscous, and mellow tea enters the human intestines, it will form a film, which is attached to the surface of the stomach and has a protective benefit on the stomach! Therefore, drinking Pu-erh tea for a long time can play a role in nourish stomach. Pu-erh tea also has the function of promoting gastrointestinal motility, so long-term drinking can help laxative and prevent constipation.

2. Black tea.

Drinking black tea can also nourish stomach. When drinking, add an appropriate amount of red dates and longan to drink together, the benefit of nourishing stomach will be better. People who usually eat bitter gourd and watermelon will feel uncomfortable bloating or weaker constitution. It is recommended that you drink neutral tea or warm tea. The elderly are suitable for drinking black tea.
Precautions for drinking tea:

1. Don’t drink tea on an empty stomach.

We know that the gastrointestinal regulation function in winter is much weaker than that in summer. If you drink tea on an empty stomach at this time, the gastrointestinal tract will immediately cause a reaction, which will increase their burden and lead to complete gastrointestinal disorder.

2. Do not drink strong tea.

For the same reason, strong tea contains a large amount of theophylline and other substances. If you drink strong tea for a long time, it will directly stimulate our body and cause various symptoms such as weakness and indigestion.

3. Don’t drink hot tea.

It’s freezing cold. Normally, everyone will use hot boiling water to make tea. In fact, this is not right. Hot boiling water will not only weaken the efficacy of the tea itself, but also stimulate the stomach and oral mucosa, which is very bad for health.

Finally, it is recommended that before drinking tea, you must clearly distinguish which type of body your body belongs to, and then drink the corresponding tea to avoid unnecessary harm to the body.


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